The right etiquette in Anonymous Chat Rooms

Talking with strangers online has become a part of many lives. Online chats with strangers is a sure way to get rid of boredom and kill time. There are many reasons that a person visits online stranger chatting websites. Whatever the reason is, there are some etiquettes that you need to follow for making the chat successful. Since the topic is the etiquette of anonymous chat rooms, I’ll be addressing the etiquette of anonymous chat rooms and not the etiquette of private chat. Let’s take a look at them. 

First of all, when you enter any type of anonymous chat room, then you need to follow the golden manner rule of introducing yourself. Just like you introduce yourself on the first university day so that everyone can know you and make perceptions about your personality, you also need to introduce yourself in the chat room. As long as you use decent and friendly words, you can introduce yourself in whatever manner you like. 

After introducing yourself, whatever you type, shouldn’t contain offensive material. It is very simple. Be nice so that others can be nice to you. If you use hateful or offensive words, then people would tend to ignore you and most probably your account will be reported by many. 

Patience is a virtue. If you asked a question and you didn’t get a reply then ask again. Because there are so many messages coming at one time by strangers, there are bright chances that your question might not pass through eyeballs. When you didn’t get an answer, then the best thing to do is ask again and if the question gets ignored again then don’t lose patience. 

Don’t fill the anonymous chat room with links, such as the link of your YouTube channel or Facebook. People don’t visit anonymous chat rooms to check your links. They are here for a talk on the topic of the chat room. Sending the links continuously would make you a spammer. 

Always remember to turn your caps lock off after you have written the first letter. If you send the entire message in caps lock then your texts will appear as rude and shouting texts. 

While you can type acronyms such as “btw,” “hby,” and others, don’t type the ‘asl” acronym. ASL stands for age, sex and location. People mind these types of questions. When you ask age, sex and location, then that may mean that you are here for some other motive and not for discussing the topic of the chat room. It is fair to say that people don’t want to state their personal details at online chatting websites and if you ask personal details, then chances are that this may offend the person whom you send this message. Some people may not mind this question, however, it is best that you focus on the topic and not on personal details.    

Never send someone a direct message unless that person allows you to send the direct message. While chatting in the chat room, if you find someone worthy of a direct message, then first ask him/her whether you can talk with him/her in the private chat box or not.