Privileges of anonymous chat with strangers

We live in a world where we refrain from saying something that can put us under judgement. We always have a fear of judgement and it is alright to have a fear of judgement. However, what if you are allowed to express yourself freely without any fear of judgement? What if, you can say anything you want to say, without being accountable for your words? Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Now, you are wondering how that can be possible. It is possible alright. All you need to do is join some anonymous chat website and talk with strangers. There you can say whatever you want, either bad or good, without the fear of getting your real identity revealed. When your identity can’t get revealed, then this means you won’t be held accountable for your words.

Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to travel across the border. Not everyone can see and feel the beauty of other country’s places. Not everyone can learn and understand the cultures of other countries by visiting those countries. So, now the question is, how can anyone have access to information about other countries without visiting those countries? A very genuine question with a very straightforward answer. One can have access to information about other countries such as their cultures, unique locations, etc, by having a chat with the people of those particular countries while being anonymous. When you talk with strangers from different parts of the world, then you have the golden opportunity to learn and understand things about their countries. Having an anonymous chat with strangers around the world can be considered a way of exploring the world while staying at home.

Getting an opinion for yourself from either, friends or family may be in your favour. Your loved ones would never try to hurt your feelings and that is why, mostly, they would try to give biased feedback about something related to you in your favour. Because of this biasedness, you won’t know for sure where you lie in that particular situation. However, when you are anonymous in an online stranger chat site, then the stranger, because of being a stranger, would most probably give an honest opinion about you. If the stranger points out some negative stuff about you, then you will have the opportunity to rectify those negativities. Thus, ultimately, by having an anonymous chat, you can improve yourself.

To sum up, I would say, hanging around with friends and family is a good thing, however, with them, you will always be very careful regarding your words. You would never try to say something that can later prove to be regrettable. On the other hand, when you join some anonymous chat website, then being anonymous, you not only have the opportunity to say whatever you want to say without the fear of judgement and having the opportunity to get honest feedback about yourself from strangers, but you also have the opportunity to learn and understand things such as cultures about different countries.