How to approach strangers in a random video chat online

So you are thinking of starting a career on an online video chatting site. Because you are introvert or are lonely, beginning a career at some online video chatting site is an excellent thing to do. Your experience at online video chat sites can play a crucial role in real face to face encounters with people. Now since you have decided to start a career of communication by employing online means, one thing you should know is approaching strangers in random video chat online may go wrong if you don’t approach in the right way. To make the interaction successful, there are few things that you should keep in mind while approaching strangers. Let’s discuss them.

 At first, when you see someone, then don’t try to be a pushy person. Don’t say things like what’s your name, what brings you here, how old are you, where do you live, etc. right after the greetings. Start your things off with simple greeting words such as hi, hello, hey, what's up, etc. and afterward, try not to be too pushy. You can always be a talkative and pushy kind of person, once the video chat proceeds. After the greetings phase, ask the stranger’s wellness by saying words such as “how are you.” The stranger would possibly reply with “I am good, what about you.” At this moment, don’t try to repeat the same words as the stranger by saying, “I am good too.” Saying this will make you sort of a boring type of person. Be an energetic type of person and reply with, “I am fantastic.” Afterward, go with the “What's up” phase instead of asking age, city, etc.

Progress your video talk by being yourself. To make sure the video chat goes on, don’t try to be a scripted type of person, and speak stuff that the other person doesn’t perceive as a self -made a fake story. The other person may instantly judge if you are telling a lie or making up stories. If the person comes to know that you are telling lies, then he/she might disconnect.

While speaking, always ask hobbies, favorite tv shows, favorite sports, etc. Asking things like these may lead your conversation with something common with the stranger. What if the stranger tells something that has relevance in his/her life as well as yours. If such a case takes place, then most probably the two of you will exchange your views regarding that thing and this thing will strengthen your bond.

 Be aware of not making the communications one-way. Always let the other person speak as much as you speak. When you talk more compared to the other person, then chances are he/she may get offended and consequently disconnects himself/herself.

 If you find worthy of praise fact about the other person, then don’t waste a moment and appreciate him/her. Doing this will make the other person happy and he/she would like to continue the video talk more than before. While you praise someone, don’t try to overdo it. The other person may consider it flattery if you overdo it.

 Remember to ask for a long-term friendship or dating partner once the bond between the two of you has been build and you are pretty much frank with him/her. If you lose patience and act hastily in this matter, then the person may catch you as a manipulative and desperate type of person who is seeking a one-sided benefit.