4 Tips to make him keep on conversing with you in a stranger chat app

Normally, men need to put extra effort to convince women to keep on conversing with them in a stranger chat app, however, sometimes it’s the opposite. Anyways, so you have found the guy you were looking for at a stranger chat app. Now, you want to be friends with him, but you are struggling to find words that can keep him engaged with you in the conversation. It happens with many girls, however, worry not because if you follow the tips which I am about to share with you, then it won’t be long when you will be dating that boy, let alone converse. Allow me to share those tips.

Always represent your positive and cheerful looking image while conversing with him. A guy likes ladies who are energetic and cheerful. Keeping that in mind, whatever, you say, should be said in high-energy mode. Your personality should appear as lively and energetic to him, and not dull and lazy looking.

To make things entertaining and interesting, try to talk about those topics in which, just like you, he is also interested. For example, just like you, if he is also interested in music, then ask him his favorite songs and also tell him your favorite songs as well. You can also show interest in those things in which he takes great interest, but you are not aware of them. Talking about developing a relationship is good, however, sometimes you need to lead your conversation towards topics of interest as well, that is to say, if you want to share some laughter and keep things entertaining and interesting.

If you want to steer things towards a relationship, then what you need to do is ask him some fun and normal questions. For example, you can ask him about one of the funniest incidents which took place when he was in school. It’s not just you, who should be asking questions, but you need to encourage him to ask you too. Asking questions, whether fun questions or normal questions to each other is a great way of knowing each other’s personalities.

Compliment him about his specialties. If he is a pro in something, then appreciate his talent. For example, if he says that he is a great basketball player and has won many times for its school team, then you need to appreciate him and tell him that you are proud to chat with someone, who is great in the sport. While appreciating him, always keep in mind that you don’t get carried away in appreciating. What I mean is that you shouldn’t appreciate too much so that it looks that you are complimenting him just to make him happy. Your compliments should appear as a genuine one and not fake.

In short, there comes a time when you find the guy you were looking for in some stranger chat app. Unless you put some extra efforts, it is not easy to convince some guys to keep on conversing with you. With that being said, if you consider the above-mentioned 4 tips, then I am pretty much positive that you can make your guy obliged to keep on conversing with you, and ultimately, setting him to become your dating partner.